Cameron Hawkey
a 3 inch by 3 inch round rainbow chrome sticker that says Refuse Reduce Reuse Repair Recycle

Presenting a sturdy 3" holographic sticker of the 5 R's.

Hey, I'll do the dishes. No, thank you, I have enough swag bags. A stitch in time saves nine. Can't I repair the phone I have?

$3 (+ $1 shipping, $4 worldwide)

in other news

TTRPG publishing project Pegasus d20 Society funded by RACC burbles quietly, and Nux Yorica now lives on Openseas :0). I've also been baking cookies.


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My name is Cameron Hawkey. I'm an artist currently active in Portland, Oregon. Drawing is my primary means of joy & expression. I'm curious about different styles of art, especially realist art. I'm also curious about new technologies and what purpose they serve. I have made comics, paintings, portraits, weavings, and drawings. I celebrate what is sensual and myseterious in life, and the odd facts of personal observation. In recent years my attention on the vivid quotidian life has expanded into the fantastic. I am now working on publishing work in tabletop role-playing games, a significant source of American fantasy culture.

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